Free Software To Hide Desktop Icons Automatically: AutoHideDesktopIcons

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AutoHideDesktopIcons is free software to hide desktop icons automatically on your PC or Laptop. This software is windows based which hides your computer desktop icons by simple mouse gestures. It also includes a timer option where you can set a timer to show or autohide desktop icons on your computer screen. AutoHideDesktopIcons has a very light UI and works on all versions of Windows starting from XP. This portable program just cleans up the desktop screen without even uninstalling the programs from your computer. It comes with an automatic hiding and show option for windows taskbar. So you can hide windows taskbar also with this free software.

How to use free software to hide desktop icons automatically: AutoHideDesktopIcons

AutoHideDesktopIcons is available for free to download. First step is to download the software from the link given at the end of this post. Then install the software on your computer and you will see the following screen at startup

AutoHideDesktopIcons- Start

Next we look at how to autohide desktop icons with this free software. There is an option to hide or show desktop icons with left mouse button as shown in the above screenshot. Now I will set a timer and till that timer is on, we will see the desktop icons and when it goes off, we will not see desktop icons. You can see this in the below screenshot


It also allows you to go to more options where you can set hide icons via a middle mouse button. This option also tells you to use shortcuts to use this software. For e.g. when you move mouse across the desktop, your desktop icons will not hide as shown below

AutoHideDesktopIcons setting

This software also gives you option to hide your desktop icons permanently. You can even hide your taskbar with this free software to hide desktop icons automatically as shown below

AutoHideDesktopIcons- Hide Taskbar

You can even change the timer to hide or show desktop icons with this freeware. So overall a very good application to hide desktop icons on your laptop. You can even choose this application to start whenever you start-up your computer.


AutoHideDesktopIcons is a great tool if you are looking for an application to hide your desktop icons automatically. It comes with a plain user interface and keeps the desktop screen clean. You can have a full view of your desktop wallpaper without uninstalling any of the software from the pc screen.

Download AutoHideDesktopIcons from here.

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