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ThisIsMyFile is free secure file eraser/delete software which is used to delete protected or locked files in windows. When a file is in use by any application, you cannot delete it. So this is where ThisIsMyFile comes into play. ThisIsMyFile searches for locked files and deletes them with a few clicks. It is an effective application for deleting locked/protected files which are in use by your pc. This free software scans the target folder to detect the files, displays them w.r.t to type, ID, path of the process and then erase them as per the command given by the user. It can even terminate any process to unlock the files in use and eventually deletes these files which are no longer required in windows. You must exercise caution while using this software as sometimes it can lead to deleting an important file which is being used by windows. So experienced user should only use this software.

How to use free secure file eraser/delete software :-

To use ThisIsMyFile you need to download the file from the link given below at the end of this article. Once the file is downloaded, click on ThisIsMyFile.exe file to install this software as shown in the below screen

free secure file eraser-delete software

Once you install this software, you will be directed to the main screen of this software as shown below

free secure file eraser-delete software ThisIsMyFile

Now you can select, drag and drop the file you want to delete. Once you select the file to be deleted/unlocked, just click on the unlock or delete button to delete or unlock that file as shown on the below screen

free secure file eraser-delete software 2

It even has an option to delete the file and then reboot the pc. You can even create a copy of the deleted file before deletion process and then reboot as shown on the above screen.

Features of free secure file eraser/delete software :-

  • Comes with multi-language support
  • Option to reboot & delete a file
  • Option to reboot and delete without unlock
  • You can select the file to be unlocked/delete
  • It can create a copy of locked file and then delete it


If you are unable to delete a file in windows after trying many times, then ThisIsMyFile comes to your rescue. It will delete/unlock every file which is not being deleted during a normal command. To download this free secure file eraser/delete software, ThisIsMyFile click here.

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