Best Photo Viewer For Windows 10/8/7: JPEGView

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JPEGView is best photo viewer for windows 10/8/7 which is fast, simple, lightweight and highly configurable free software for image viewing/editing. It can be used for viewing/editing various image formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, WEBP, TGA, GIF and TIFF. Apart from aforementioned formats JPEGView also supports camera RAW format. JPEGView is compatible with various windows platforms likeWindows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. JPEGView is one of the few free software that provides great design in terms of both interface and functionality. It provides fast navigation and it is portable. This free photo viewer software is very small in size. It is one of the best image viewer for windows.

How to use best photo viewer for windows 10/8/7 :-

First download JPEG image viewer “JPEGView” from the link at the end of this post. After the file is downloaded, you will get two options to download in 32 bit or 64-bit system. Select as per your system compatibility and you will see the following window

best photo viewer for windows 10/8/7


Right-click on this window and you will see the menu of JPEGView. From here you can open the image file to be opened as shown below

best photo viewer for windows 10/8/7


Once the file is selected, you will see the file which can be rotated clockwise or anticlockwise. It has features like enhance landscape picture mode, check image information like width and height, zoom image etc. JPEG image Viewer comes with a host of features as shown below

best photo viewer for windows 10/8/7- JPEGView


It can even switch to fullscreen mode with a click of a button.

Features of best photo viewer for windows 10/8/7 :-

  • One of the most elegant features provided in this free software is that it is very simple and comes with a few basic buttons for simplicity. These buttons are automatically hidden when you are working on the application and only viewing the image.
  • User can get an array of options for editing the image by simply right clicking on the image. The options appear in the form of context menu.
  • You can adjust contrast, color balance, exposure, sharpness while viewing the image.
  • You can view the digital images from the camera at high quality without any loss in resolution in full-screen mode.
  • With JPEGView, you can play the images in the folder as slideshow/movie and you can also time the interval between each image.
  • Other features include full-screen viewing, auto correction, high quality resizing of images, interactive image processing, saving viewing and processing parameters per image, slideshow and batch renaming and copying.
  • Lossless JPEG transformation while rotation and downsampling.
  • It is also possible to display EXIF information and pan window. Image details can be displayed while viewing the image. Image parameters can be saved in an INI file or DB.

JPEGView is exactly what you need if you want a good reliable image viewer equipped with the most important editing options and performing tasks efficiently while using low amounts of resources.


JPEGView software is best image viewer for Windows available online, equipped with the most important photo editing options and performs tasks efficiently using low amounts of system resource like CPU and memory.

Download JPEG Image Viewer JPEGView from here.

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