Best open source windows data file recovery software: R-Undelete

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R-Undelete is best open source windows data file recovery software used to recover deleted files from hard-disk. It can recover deleted files from external USB drives, memory cards, and computer hard disks. R-Undelete has support for FAT32/16/12 and ex-FAT file system. It even has support for NTFS file system. R-Undelete uses an effective algorithm which makes recovering digital files, Pictures, music and movie much easier and simpler. This free software can be used when a part of the hard disk is damaged or it has bad sectors and file-data recovery task is not easy. Two files are created during file recovery process, one is image file and other one is file with scan information.  So you get details of the file along with the recovered file with this application.

How to use best open source windows data file recovery software:-

Download R-Undelete from the link given below at the end of this post. Once the file is downloaded you will be directed to the screen shown below. Click on next tab in this window and your installation will begin.

best open source windows data file recovery software

Now you will see two options during installation process. One is to install R-Undelete on pc and other is to install it on a portable drive such as USB drive as shown. Click on install in the computer to use it on your pc.

best open source windows data file recovery software- R Undelete

Now after this step, you will see the main window of R-Undelete and you can start using it. It will show you your hard disk partition details in this window and you can use this software in any partition to recover files as shown below

best open source windows data file recovery software 2

Select the drive where you want to recover files. For e.g. we will be using D: drive to scan for files we want to recover as shown below. Click on the drive and click on show more option to start scanning the files you want to recover

best open source windows data file recovery software 3

After this, you will see all the files that are either corrupt files or deleted files and you can recover them from here. You can even select the option to shown only deleted files by checking the box of show only deleted files in this window as shown. You can even sort the file as per the file type like a music file, video file etc in this software.


If you are looking for a robust free windows data file recovery software then R-Undelete is one of the best out there on the web. It has a very simple UI and works quickly with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Download R-Undelete from here

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