Best clock app for windows 10: TheAeroClock

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TheAeroClock is best clock app for Windows 10 which comes with alpha transparent feature. Alpha transparent means you can see the desktop background too using this clock. TheAeroClock has low CPU usage and comes with different dial textures. It has customizable size of desktop clock and position can also be customised. This clock app is very lightweight and can be stored on a flash drive. It comes with an option to adjust transparency level, size, texture of clock. Clock position can also be locked in desktop with this free clock software. It even comes with optional transparency translation feature.

How to use best clock app for Windows 10:-

To use theaeroclock, the first step is to download the free clock app from here. Once the file is downloaded, you see the following screen

best clock app for windows 10

In the above screen, you can see a clock and a window on the desktop background. Now you can customise this clock using the options in this window. You can adjust the size of the clock  in desktop windows as shown below


TheAeroClock comes with different dial textures to choose from. You can even adjust the transparency level of the clock as shown in the below screen.

The Aero Clock

It has a lot of dial options to choose from. For e.g i have chosen the Halloween option clock in my windows desktop as shown below. You can choose from a lot of different clock options as per your liking

best clock app for windows 10 theaeroclock

There is an option to fix the clock screen and you cannot move the clock on a desktop with a mouse once this option is checked. TheAeroClock can even be customised to start everytime you start your pc.

Features of best clock app for Windows 10, TheAeroClock:-

  • Comes in portable version
  • Has different dial patterns and textures
  • Option to set size and transparency of clock
  • Low CPU usage


If you are looking for a clock software for windows, then theaeroclock is one of the best clock app for windows which can be used. So never miss any of your tasks when you are on pc working on a project if you use theaeroclock as it will be with you, no matter which window you are in. Download TheAeroClock from here.

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