Auto mouse clicker software for windows 10

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In this post, we will see the detailed usage of auto mouse clicker software for windows 10. Auto clicker for mouse will assign a shortcut key to keyboard in windows 10 from where you can click the button in window using that key. You can set the delay between clicks in settings of this free software. It can automate the number of mouse clicks using shortcut key from keyboard to start or stop the mouse clicks. There is much software for mouse auto click but most of them are trial versions. This one we are reviewing is free for windows 10.

How to use auto mouse clicker software for windows 10:-

Download the setup file from the link here. Then once you start installing the file, you will see the following window

auto mouse clicker software for windows 10


After you select the language click on ok button and installation will begin. After the installation is finished, you will see the main window of auto clicker for windows 10.

auto mouse clicker software for windows 10

Here you can set auto click for any one of the mouse button at a time. It can be left key or right key. You can even set the timer during which this automatic mouse click through keyboard will be active. To start the click, press F2 on keyboard and to stop the click press F3.

auto mouse clicker software for windows 10

In the below window i will show on how auto clicker works. As shown we have set a delay of 5 seconds between clicks as shown in highlighted part

auto mouse clicker software for windows 10

So now the clicks will be automated once I press the F2 key every 5 seconds as shown below. To stop this automated mouse click, press F3 key on keyboard.

You can even check out the accidental mouse click fix software. It will fix the accidental mouse clicks

Features of best auto mouse clicker for windows 10:-

  • Comes in multiple languages
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • Choose between left and right button option
  • Very light CPU use
  • Choose the shortcut key from the window


Auto mouse clicker software gets the job done when it comes to mouse clicking using keyboard. It is very useful when you have to click on some PPC campaign.

Try Auto mouse clicker software for windows 10 here.

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