Best Baby Feed Tracking App: Glow Baby

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Glow Baby is the best baby feed tracking app for all new parents to track feeding time of new babies. It helps you track your new born’s developmental milestone and other aspects of baby care like feeding, sleeping, diaper change, medication and growth chart. You are doing a great job taking care of your little one. With all the hard work, Glow Baby app enables you to track all the nitty gritty details about you baby. This will help you understand your little one’s schedule better. It will be of great use during your pediatricians visit as it will have all the data required/saved by you. This is one the best baby feeding app available on ios.

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Key Features of best baby feed tracking app:-

  1. Feeding- It comes with 3 options;
  • Breastfeed – You can either manually enter the time when you began to feed your baby along with the breast you fed her on or you can do it using a timer.
  • Bottle feed – You can track the amount of milk the baby had (breast milk or formula) at any given time.
  • Solids (6 month+) – You can add the time, ingredients and amount of food your baby had. You can track your baby’s reaction to a certain food to remember his/her like or dislike.

Best Baby Feed Tracking App-Glow Baby


  1. Sleep Log- You can track the sleeping hours or the naps that your little one has taken.
  1. Diaper Change- You can track your baby’s pee and poop. You can track the poop colour and texture.
  1. Temperature, Symptoms and Medication- You can track your little one’s temperature, symptoms like rash, runny nose, cough, fever, funny breathing, no appetite etc at any given time. You can also make a note of the medication provided to your baby. This information can be extremely helpful during your next doctor’s appointment.

Best Baby Feed Tracking App-Glow Baby

  1. Glow Baby provides a history view of all the tracking information entered by you. This view is available in either pattern or list format. It can be filtered on the basis of feed, sleep, diaper or pumping.
  2. Growth Chart- You can track your little one’s weight, height and head circumference and view the percentiles with WHO dataset.
  3. Community forums- You can connect with other parents and share/discuss your baby’s details. There are various groups you can connect to like Parenting, Birth Stories, Baby Pics, Postpartum Mommies, Health & Lifestyle. You can also browse for other groups by interests.

Best Baby Feed Tracking App-Glow Baby

  1. Alerts- You will receive weekly updates from Glow Baby centre on the basis of your little one’s age. It will tell you what your baby should be ideally doing as per their age.
  2. You can export all the data in a PDF document and keep it ready for next doctor’s appointment. Glow Baby also supports multiple children at once.
  3. You can capture the moments of your baby that matter like your baby’s first smile, first tooth, first step.


Remember every memorable moment of your baby’s first year as he grows into a toddler. Download best baby feed tracking app Glow Baby from here and start making memories and tracking your baby’s development.

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