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Freesoftwareforus is a website that helps you find free softwares online instead of a paid one. We feel there is free software for almost anything which can be as good as a paid software counterpart. This website provides you with some of the best softwares around the web which are free for Windows, Android, iOS.

What we do

We search for best free software for you online and publish about them onto our website. This website is completely free to use and fueled with some real good softwares and apps. We do not post any trial or cracked versions of the paid software.

All the softwares posted here are completely free to use. There are tons of websites which can give you free softwares but very few of them actually help you in finding the right software. Sometimes, it is actually challenging to find a free software program and to solve this situation we are here 🙂

Who we are

This site is made by Mayank from India and chose to write about free software because we consider ourselves to be a little expert in this field. If you like our website and software reviews, do like our page on facebook and follow us on twitter & other social networks. You can also subscribe to our newsletter and we will make sure that you never miss  about any new software that is completely free to use!