Free Video Editor For Windows With HDMI/Audio Video Filter: Shotcut

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Shotcut is a free video editor for windows with HDMI/Audio-video filter support. Shotcut editor can compose video with feature of audio mixing filter to make perfect video. It comes with 4k full video resolution support for any type of videos. It even has great GPU processing feature. Shotcut consists of dockable and undockable panels where you can view encoding panels, jobs in queue, filter panel etc. It is compatible with melted server technology and jack audio. It has HDMI encoders inbuilt and you get high defination HD video playback support. Shotcut editor for windows is a user friendly free software which has some really good features. It can handle multiple formats with ease.

Shotcut video editor startup

You can even have a view of your audio playlists in thumbnail format and can even see the recent files you have worked on. We have tested this shotcut editor software on windows but it can run on any windows version starting from windows 7. It also gives you multi language support and users can even create new translations.  Let’s look at the features of this free video editor for windows.

Feature List of free video editor for windows with HDMI/Audio-video filter support: Shotcut

  • It has 4k video resolution support
  • Shotcut has HDMI support for media input
  • Video composing and audio mixing feature across all tracks
  • Comes with a broad format support
  • Drag and drop file feature
  • Neat and easy to use interface
  • Multiple image format support
  • Network stream playback
  • Fully customizable audio and video filters

Quick view of how to use this free video editor for windows with HDMI/Audio-video filter support: Shotcut

Shotcut video editor finish, free video editor for windows with HDMI/Audio-video filter

You just open your file with file manager and then select the starting and end portion which you want to cut or edit with the help of place marker and click the button and you are done. We have found  this free editor shotcut for windows a cool alternate to windows movie maker.

Shotcut can even be used to record your video from your webcam and then edit it directly. It also  streams multiple formats like UDP, HTTP etc with ease. You even get three themes to choose from grey, system and dark in this video editor for windows. It is by far one of the best video editing software we have tested till date. Shotcut editor is definitely worth a try.  This free video editor shotcut for windows works on both 32 bit and 64 bit windows. I hope you like this review of free video editor Shotcut.

So try this free free video editor for windows with HDMI/Audio-video filter support Shotcut here

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