Free Software to create and publish timelapse videos of pc screen: Chronolapse

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Chronolapse is a free timelapse videos software tool that allows you to create and publish timelapse videos using screenshot of your desktop or images taken directly from your webcam. This free software maintains a log that provides all the information regarding what was being done at a given point of time. Chronolapse has so many features like time adjust between capture, schedule a timelapse video etc. You can add annotiion to image, force capture image with this free software chronolapse.

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What are Timelapse videos?

Timelapse videos consist of multiple images/photos that are assembled together to create a seamless video. After this video is played at normal speed, time moves faster and this is called timelapse video feature.

How to create Timelapse Videos

Chronolapse is very simple to use. Before you start creating a timelapse video there are a few configurations that need to be done:

  • Time between Captures: This shows how frequently the desktop should be captured.
  • Screenshots or Webcam: Chronolapse provides you with the option to capture either desktop screen or webcam or you can also capture both the screen at the same time.

Configuration setting

  • Screenshots Configuration: In order to configure the screenshot setting, you need to choose the Save Folder (location where the timelapse video will be saved). In addition to this you can also set the File prefix and the File format. There is also an option to capture dual monitors.
  • Webcam Configuration: In order to configure webcam setting, you need to set the Save folder, file prefix and file format. You can also test the system webcam.

Once the settings are done, you can click on the Start Capture button to enable the capture mode. You can also use the Force Capture option, so as to take the screenshot of your PC Screen at any point of time.

timelapse videos

  • Scheduling: You can also schedule a screenshot by entering its start and end time. Once scheduled, the Chronolapse tool will automatically start capturing the desktop for the entered duration of time.

timelapse videos

  • Adjust: This timelapse tool comes with an inbuilt batch image resize function. You will need to select a source folder and an output folder. After this, specify the dimensions that will be applied to the batch. You can also rotate the images in batch. The rotation can be done at 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270 and 315 degree angles only.

timelapse videos

  • Annotate: For adding annotations to the images being used for timelapse, you need to first create an annotations file. Use capture mode to create it and then choose the source and destination folder. You can adjust the fonts and size easily. You can also set other general settings for annotations.
  • There is an option to create videos from all the screenshots taken by the tool. You can create videos in different formats and even add audio tracks to them.


Chronolapse is a free software which comes with easy to use manual. This manual can be opened after launching the tool itself. It is easy to create and publish timelapse videos using this free software. These timelapses created using Chronolapse consists of videos between one and five minutes in which there is a quick succession of a lot of static images that last a few seconds. Chronolapse is a good free software  that can lead to excellent timelapse videos.

Download free software chronolapse here.

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