Free Computer virus removal tool: Avast Antivirus

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Avast Antivirus is a free software which is widely used as computer virus removal tool. Avast antivirus keeps computer secure for malware, trojans, worms. This free software to clean virus from pc has so many features like webcam shield, sensitive data shield, secure line vpn. It also has rapid scan feature to scan deeply and detect the virus effectively. Avast has become a brand of repute and is trusted by millions of users. It is one of the efficient free antivirus software available that deeply works to protect your computer. Avast download is a must if  you want to get rid of virus from your pc. Avast comes at no cost i.e. it is totally free to use.  So Avast antivirus download is a must for users looking for free antivirus software.

Free Computer virus removal tool avast antivirus

Features of Free Computer virus removal tool

Easy and Simple User Interface

Avast antivirus software has a easy and simple user interface. Buttons are well positioned and easily accessible with an option to customize homepage.

Excellent Protection Capability

Avast definations are regularly updated so your pc is protected 24/7 from malwares, spywares , avast download is a must. Avast has great workforce team that regularly keeps an eye on the threats coming over web and updates their virus definitions database.

Free Computer virus removal tool avast antivirus

Effective Cleaning Mechanism

This free computer virus removal tool avast antivirus has IM and P2P shields, web and network shields. It comes with virus chest and cleaner which works with an option to rapidly scan your files. Avast comes with a host of scan options. It is featherlight in operations, all the files are scanned with great speed, so performance of your pc is intact while you use this free avast software. Free Computer virus removal tool avast antivirus


Avast antivirus provides great protection. So if you are looking for a free software for antivirus then avast download is must. Avast antivirus has a pro version also that gives you additional features like phishing protection. It also offers ransom-ware protection and gives you multiyear license with pro version. But we believe the free version of avast antivirus is enough for day to day effective protection.

To download this free computer virus removal tool avast antivirus for windows click here

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