Free Software To Play Every Video Format: VLC Video Player

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VLC Video Player is free software to play every video format on your PC or Mobile. This software supports almost all video file extensions and plays them flawlessly. VLC Video Player is one the most popular players. It has various options in its toolbar like an equalizer to adjust sound settings. You can open multiple files, network stream using this media player. Subtitle can be played with this video player. Just add the SRT file in the playlist and you can watch the video with subtitle. Most of us face problem while playing video formats like MOV or AVI. But Vlc has made this very simple. Avi file and mov file can be played with this player. Vlc supports almost all video file format. This free software is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. You can change playback speed, volume, screen brightness. Video files like MPEG, mpg, MOV, VOB, AVI, DAT, mp4, RMVB etc can be played with VLC player. You can even choose skins for your player. VLC media player is available for Android and iOS devices also. So playing video

How to use free software to play every video format: VLC Video Player

The first step is to visit vlc player website from the URL given at the end of this article. Once the file is downloaded, install this media player in your pc and you will be redirected to this screen

VLC Video Player- Free Software To Play Every Video Format

Now Click on the media tab at the top left of this window and you get options like open multiple files, folder, disks, recent media etc. Here you can choose the option to open up any video file, it can be an avi file, mov file etc, VLC video player can play all of them.

Next tab is playback tab where you can adjust the playback speed of video file, jump forward or backward in any video. You can even go to specific time in the video as shown in the below screenshot

VLC Video Player

VLC player has an audio tab where you can choose from different audio languages if they are present in the video file. For e.g. if your file has two language tracks then you can choose from any one of them at a time in any video as shown

VLC AVI Player- audio file

If you are playing audio file like mp3, wav in vlc then you can adjust equalizer, choose from different audio modes like stereo mode, set visualization for audio file like spectrometer, spectrum etc as shown

VLC Media player- 64bit

VLC video player has a video option where you can set the aspect ratio of your screen for any video file. You can choose from a lot of ratio like 16:9, 4:3, 5:4 etc. You can even take snapshot from any video file being played as shown below

VLC player- mov file player

There is advanced tool tab where you can set the equalizer, spatializer, compressor for any video or audio file.

VLC Video Player- equalizer

Overview of free software to play every video format: VLC Video Player

VLC player was released in 2001 is now more than twenty years old. It is a trusted software when it comes to video playing. It plays all video file format. VLC also releases timely updates for its software, so any new video file extension is included with the new update.  VLC audio Video Player is the best media player when it comes to video playback as it has all video file format support. Both 32/64 bit VLC Media player version are available to use.

Closing Words

VLC Audio Player is flexible, easy to use advanced media player which gets the job done when it comes to multiple video file playing. This video player has support for all the video file format. So if you are looking for a free video player which has multi-video format support, then VLC video player is for you.

Download VLC Video Player from here.

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