Pokemon go new pokemon update- New Characters included

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This haloween pokemon go new pokemon update is coming. Pokemon go app is a free game available on both android and ios. Pokemon go is fun filled game where you hunt for pokemon in real world. All you need is camera and gps in your phone and you are all set to play this game. You need to capture these creatures and train them for helping you in your quest mission. This game keeps you active all the time.

pokemon go new pokemon

Pokemon go new pokemon game play

When we start this game you need to register your profile. Once registered, informative intro screen is displayed where you get great explanation at launch to speed up your new mission in pokemon go game. This game has options to customize skin tone, hair, colour, gender and once your profile is formed. After this you can get into the real world of pokemons.

This free game Pokemon go app comes with real easy to control gestures where you move your body to catch pokemons nearby. It also has pokestop which offers eggs, pokeballs. You explore new places with this pokemon go game as this game keeps you active all time.

pokemon go new pokemon

Pokemon go new pokemon update(Gen 3 characters included)

Now starting October 20th till november 2nd there is halloween event  where you get pokemon go new pokemon update where you get ghost type spookiest pokemons in the game. Pokemon go update will include banette, sable eye and they will enter the game with this update. Pikachu is well known character in this game and with this update Pikachu gets a special witch hat.pokemon go new pokemon

Pokemon go new pokemon update gives a new life to this game as you get new characters and existing ones also gets some new add-ons with this halloween pokemon go update. So don’t forget to try this pokemon go new pokemon update this halloween as it is definitely worth a try. So checkout your app stores this Halloween for this amazing update.pokemon go new pokemon

To download pokemon go new pokemon on ios click here.

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