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        RK GGC-D10 crucible gearing
        • Uses and features
        • Specification parameter
          Product features
          ●RK GGC-D10 crucible gearing is an external driving system;
          ●The whole unit is divided into crucible water-cooling part and gearing part (as shown in the diagram), both of which are modularized into two blocks for convenience of installation, disassembly, maintenance and repairing.
          ●Capable to bear crucibles at any pocket under practical situations;
          ●Allowing interchanging between sealing of the transmission shaft and that of the magnetic fluid, at discretion of the user;
          ●The crucible can be taken out of the vacuum chamber from upper part of the chamber for cleaning and maintenance.
          ●The powerful torque can avoid step loss of the stepping motor effectively;
          Technical indices
          ●Installation conditions: Vertical installation;diameter of the opening on the bottom plate in the vacuum chamber varying from 40mm to 60mm;
          ●This system is driven by a stepping Geared motor, reduction ratio of the reducer being 1:32;
          ●Driving mode: driven by the central principal axis;
          ●Flow rate of cooling water: 10~20L/min (water temperature varying between 15℃~25℃);
          ●Rolling torsinal moment: 74Nm