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                The earliest predecessor of the Company can be traced back to Sichuan Machinery established in 1877. Its name changed many times in the history of more than 100 years and it started to use the new name Rankuum Machinery Ltd for replacing the former SDIC NANGUANG CO.,Ltd. on September 1,2005.

                 Having so long a history,the Company fully deserves the title of the earliest starter of modern industry in Sichuan province.It became an enterprise directly affiliated to the No.2 Machinery Ministry of China since 1956.In the later years it was graded as a big enterprise at the state-level and a high-tech ecterprise in Sichuan province. In 1997,it was entitled to run its own import & export business.

                Rankuum Machinery was engaged in vacuum machinery industry in 1958 and soon became a major player in China in this domain. Since many years during its development, Rankuum Machinery kept on improving its technical level and manufacture capability by cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes and foreign leading companies from USA, Germany, France, Japan and other countries. This brings it a high profile in China's vacuum machinery industry. Up to now Rankuum Machinery has developed 412 items of new products, among which 185 items were innovation in China and many of them were awarded at national, ministry and provincial level. Rankuum Machinery is a major manufacturer of vacuum pumps, vacuum coating equipment and special electronic equipment in China. Since years Rankuum Machinery has provided large amount of key equipment for more than four hundred production lines in China, some of which were exported to countries including Japan, South Korea, USA, India, Australia,  Pakistan and Singapore.

                To serve the demand of market, Rankuum Machinery launched the reform of privatization in terms of ownership of the company. The establishment of private ownership brings into force the significant transition of company operation mechanism and management mode. Rankuum Machinery will continue its efforts in the field of vacuum machinery and provide better products and service for the customers.