3 Best Free Mp3 Tag Editor/Renamer Software

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Here is 3 best free mp3 tag editor/renamer software to edit tags in your mp3/music files. EasyTag, Mp3Tag and Tag& Rename are the best of the lot. You can change, edit mp3 tags, rename them and change your music file tags with these free software.  You can edit tags in batch, edit title, artist, year, track number, genre with these free mp3 tag editing software. Flac, mp2, mp4,mp3 file tags can easily be edited with these 3 software. Let’s take a look at these 3 best free mp3 tag editor/renamer software below:-

EasyTag mp3 tag editor

Easytag is one of the best free mp3 tag editors. You can view or write new mp3 tags. You can even edit id3 tags of mp2 files in Easy Tag mp3 tag editor. It also comes option to edit .ogg file, wave files etc. EasyTag can edit tags like album art, artist, encoder name, URL, copyright, list is just endless as this can edit almost any tag on mp3 file.

EasyTag best free mp3 tag editor/renamer software

EasyTag comes with Multilanguage support too. EasyTag shows bitrate info for mp3 files comes with simple UI. You can even redo and undo changes. You can create playlist, auto update date on mp3 file with this free mp3 tag renamer EasyTag.

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Mp3tag is next on the list of 3 best free mp3 tag editor/renamer software. You can easily edit tags in audio files like album art, artist name, etc with mp3tag. You can edit multiple files like vorbes comments, apes tag, mp4 iTunes files, id3 files with this free mp3tag renamer. Key features of mp3tag include ability to import tags online from freedb, amazon, MusicBrainz. It also supports auto playlist creation. You can use custom templates to create music playlist and can even export these files to CSV HTML format.

MP3Tag best free mp3 tag editor/renamer software

MP3Tag is easy to use and is a great option to edit mp3 tags on music files.

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Tag&Rename is another free mp3 tag editor which handles your mp3 tags quite easily. You can tag and rename your mp3 files to keep your music organized. Tag&Rename can edit windows media audio files, wmv and asf files, .ogg, mp4, apple iTunes m4a, mp3 files easily. Tag&Rename can autocomplete tags using freedb database. It can autoload album art too and comes with lossless monkey audio technology. Tag&Rename can arrange music data files(mp3,.ogg etc) according to tags in a batch.

Tag&Rename best free mp3 tag editor/renamer software

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